The Order of the Iron Star -

The Cabal Argentum – A hermetic covenant of mages that was long ago well-known and even feared in the kingdom. It is now in decline and members are rarely seen abroad in the land.

Circus Marximus – This traveling carnival is owned by “Colonel” Rufus Tiberius Marximus. Some of its claims to fame include having a sphinx as a ringmaster and being home to a rather lovely troupe of acrobatic dancers. Circus Marximus has a somewhat dubious reputation as petty crime seems to go up wherever it has raised its tents. The Colonel claims his carnival gets blamed for local pickpockets taking advantage of the distraction rather than being the direct cause of missing coins.

Black Eagle Company – A rising mercenary company seeking to fill the void left by the Iron Star. They had always been rivals, but were disdained by the Order for their willingness to accept any job, no matter how dishonorable. Their members are refered to as “talons.”


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