Old Gods

Fenris (“The Wolf” or “The Devourer”) – Old nature deity. Often the embodiment of the Wild at it’s most violent. In the North, he takes the form of a gigantic wolf and demands sacrifice to stave off the devouring of the world. Worshipped by the Northmen and other cults worldwide (though often in other forms…) / Domains: Animal, Darkness, Destruction, Strength, Weather / Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral

Vaqi (“The Life Giver” or “The Shining One”) – Sun deity of old, she is the goddess of agriculture and motherhood. Her face, the sun itself, is too beautiful to behold directly. Her followers are farmers and others who believe in redemption and the nurturing of the natural world. / Domains: Community, Healing, Plant, Protection, Sun / Alignment: Neutral-Good

New Gods

Phaeste (“The Maker” or “The Builder”) – An ancient god of smiths reborn and now worshipped as the creator god. His symbol is the Divine Hammer, and due to it’s presence on their vestments (not to mention their often blunt attitudes), his followers are frequently referred to as “the Hammers.” His mighty cathedrals can be found in the greatest of cities. / Domains: Artifice, Law, Nobility, Rune, Earth / Alignment: Lawful-Neutral

Gods of the Elves

Pali Pasia (“The Star Dancer”) – Goddess of music and dance, and by association, magic. To the elves, magic and music are synonymous. Her followers are often dancers of breathtaking skill and artistry, and true elven blademasters revere her magic as well. / Domains: Air, Charm, Liberation, Luck, Magic, / Alignment: Chaotic-Good


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